Honoring Sacrifices, Forging Patriotism...

Our Mission

Military Metal Art is a veteran owned and operated company that transforms traditional military insignia into stunningly custom pieces of art. Our mission is to provide veterans with high quality, one-of-a-kind pieces of art that will honor their sacrifices and showcase their patriotism.

Our Team

Aaron Bialaszewski


Military Metal Art's President, CEO & Artist Aaron Bialaszewski is an award winning metal artist. With over 17 years of experience working and developing an innovative metal sculpture process that involves, computer graphics/ drafting,  CNC Plasma cutting, extensive design experience with applications into metal art; pioneering a style of surface finishes that has allowed his work to truly become one of a kind.

Mr. Bialaszewski has sold artwork across the entire United States and internationally to museums, galleries, private collectors, businesses and has been providing art to the US Military for over 16 years.  Aaron Bialaszewski holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts.

Find out more about Aaron and see his personal artwork:

Jason DeBlasio


Military Metal Art's Director of Marketing, Jason DeBlasio is a United States Air Force veteran with over 15 years of active duty service. First as a C-5 Crew Chief and currently as an Instructor Flight Engineer with over 4,000 hours, Mr. DeBlasio has learned to evaluate, navigate and develop highly effective solutions to complex scenarios and situations.

Mr. DeBlasio also has an extensive background in organizational development and the training Instructional System Development (ISD) process. Jason holds an Associates Degree in Aviation Operations & an Associates Degree in Instructor of Technology and Military Science.

Todd Donaldson


Military Metal Art's Director of Business Relations, Todd Donaldson is a United States Air Force veteran with over 29 years of active duty service.  Mr. Donaldson specializes in team development, strategic planning and continuous process improvement in dynamic environments.

He has extensive executive level leadership and human resource management experience. Todd holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Joshua Doan


Joshua Doan is the cousin of artist Aaron Bialaszewski and holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts of Drawing & Illustration from Daemen College! Josh joined our team in 2018 and he's been sharpening his Metal Art skills as an apprentice ever since.

Josh's hard work ethic and positive attitude have been paramount to the success of Military Metal Art. The artwork he's holding in the photo is one of his personal projects completed from start to finish!

Anne Justice Reese


Anne is our lead graphic designer and an incredible asset to our team! Anne is pictured above with her husband Jarvis and their two daughters Talayeh and Jazmyn. Anne has been with us since the beginning of 2019 and has been instrumental to ensuring honor and respect go into every design!

Anne honorably served 5 years in the United States Air Force and separated as an E-5. Anne holds a Master of Arts in Management and Leadership, Bachelor of Science in Management, Associates in Medical laboratory technology & an Associates in Architectural Drafting!

Kacy Arntz


Growing up in a family owned business, Kacey has always displayed passion, pride and respect for her craft. She has had the opportunity to live and travel around the world, providing her with a variety of experiences.

Her organizational skills and commitment to quality and growth along with 10 years as a military spouse and dedication to learning new things has brought her to Texas and the Military Metal Art team.

Honoring Sacrifices, Forging Patriotism...